If you decide to go the supplement route in Medicare, you should join a Part D drug plan, even if you don’t currently take prescriptions.

If you  forgo the coverage, when you eventually do sign up, a fine will be incurred PERMANENTLY.

This fact is often left out of conversations regarding Medicare and it is a very important for Medicare beneficiaries to be aware of this. In working with us, we can ensure you will be on the correct Part D year in and year out.

As a free service to all of our clients, we meet with them each year during Medicare Annual Election Period, October 7th through December 15th to review their drug coverage. There can be up to 30 different drug plans in a zip code and the formularies for these plans can and do change yearly. Although you may be happy with your coverage one year, there is nothing that says that next year that same plan will be the best for you, even if you haven’t changed any of your prescriptions.

The savings from just switching drug plans can be astronomical and nothing says you have to be with the same companies for your supplement and your Part D. In fact if you are, that’s probably a give away that you are NOT on the best one for you.

If you would like this free service for yourself in October, fill out the form here and we will contact you.